If someone is able to trick you into not voting, maybe you shouldn’t be voting to start with….

Via DailyWire:

On Monday morning, responding to calls from some Trump supporters for Georgia GOP voters to refuse to show up for the two U.S. Senate run-off elections featuring incumbent GOP senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue, elections that will determine the balance of power in the Senate, the only remaining check on Democratic power in a prospective Biden presidency, Donald Trump Jr. issued a stern warning urging all Georgia GOP voters to show up and save the Senate for the GOP.

Trump Jr. wrote, ā€œIā€™m seeing a lot of talk from people that are supposed to be on our side telling GOP voters not to go out & vote for @KLoeffler and @PerdueSenate. That is NONSENSE. IGNORE those people. We need ALL of our people coming out to vote for Kelly and David.ā€

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