Via NY Post:

The Indiana boy who was brought to Syria and forced to threaten President Trump in an ISIS propaganda video two years ago has returned to the United States, where he says it’s “sweet relief” to be back home, according to a report.

Matthew was just 10 years old when he appeared in a 2017 Islamic State video vowing to attack the West after he was taken to Syria by his mom, Samantha Elhassani, and his Moroccan-born stepfather, Moussa Elhassani, BBC reported.

“It’s happened and it’s done,” the boy told the outlet in his first public comments on the agonizing ordeal. “I was so young I did not really understand any of it.”

The boy has been living with his father for the past year after being returned to the states by US military officials in 2018. He has since undergone counseling following two years in ISIS captivity in Raqqa and is recovering well, according to the report.

The teen says his stepfather forced him to take part in the video.

“He was starting to lose it, like he was mentally unstable, very mentally unstable,” Matthew told the BBC.

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