Via Townhall:

Well, after that big legal win in Pennsylvania—it’s time to dig in and fight on. I’ve been teetering, folks. I won’t lie. I still think we’re in Hail Mary territory, but there’s still a chance. We still need to count the ballots and tally the legal votes. We have allegations of voter fraud that should be investigated. And we have the legal challenges that need to play out. As Katie wrote today, Team Trump scored a big win in the Keystone State:

A Pennsylvania judge has ruled in favor of the Trump campaign by concluding segregated ballots should not be counted. Further, the judge found that Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar lacked the “statutory authority” to change election law just days before Election Day.
“[The] Court concludes that Respondent Kathy Boockvar, in her official capacity as Secretary of the Commonwealth, lacked statutory authority to issue the November 1, 2020, guidance to Respondents County Board of Elections insofar as that guidance purported to change the deadline in Section 1308(h) of the Pennsylvania Election Code…for certain electors to verify proof of identification, based on Secretary Boockvar’s interpretation and application oof the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s decision in Pennsylvania Democratic Party v. Boockvar,” the ruling states. “Accordingly, the Court hereby ORDERS that Respondents County Boards of Elections are enjoined from counting any ballots that have been segregated.”

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