Via Townhall:

With every passing day, things are looking better for Donald Trump in Florida. The early vote counts are excellent, with the GOP base turning out in massive drives that have cut into the Democratic advantage big league. It’s starting to worry Democrats in the Sunshine State. They’re bleeding, and there’s a rush to suture the wound before it’s too late. The warning signs have been there for Democrats for months.

Over the summer, field organizers had a mini-revolt, issuing a letter noting how outreach operations in the state were a complete and total disaster. Also, Hispanic support for Trump was through the roof, overperforming the president’s 2016 numbers. And in the most populous Democratic country in the state, Miami-Dade, the president and Biden were running neck-and-neck. Biden will probably win the county, yes—but not by the margins needed to flip the state. The Democrats are starting to worry down there, with one warning that says it all (via Politico) [emphasis mine]:

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