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Via Chron:

WASHINGTON – As Democratic senators begin mapping out how they will wield their limited procedural weapons in the fight over President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, they are grappling with a central question: How much legitimacy do they give his candidate?

With little power to actually derail Trump’s pick, Democrats are coming under considerable pressure from their activist base to use every tactic at their disposal to not just throw sand in the gears of the confirmation fight, but to portray the consideration of expected nominee Amy Coney Barrett as a farce that shouldn’t even occur.

In a sense, they are playing the role of the GOP in 2016, when most Republicans outright ignored Merrick Garland – declining to meet with Barack Obama’s final Supreme Court pick as Democrats staged events, showed off the paperwork filed by Garland and even held a semi-mock confirmation hearing in an effort to move his nomination process along.

Democrats also point to polling indicating that the public sides with them on timing. According to a Washington Post-ABC Poll released Friday, 57% of Americans say the successor to the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg should be chosen by the winner of the November election, while 38% say the choice should be nominated by Trump and confirmed by the current Senate.

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