Via Daily Caller:

A pickup truck on Thursday plowed through a mob of demonstrations who were blocking the road, striking one of them directly.

Video showed the truck striking what appeared to be a female protester with a sign and subsequently slamming on the breaks. Rioters then attempted to bash in the windows of the vehicle, as the car sped away and those in the mob attended to the wounded woman, footage showed.

The driver was reportedly stopped by police, but was not immediately arrested as officers noted damage to his vehicle caused by the violent demonstrators, according to the Los Angeles Times. A photojournalist at the scene alleged the truck operator was “definitely” the aggressor in the incident, the Times reported.

In a separate incident a few blocks away, a white Prius attempted to elude the mob by driving through the crowd, according to the Times. Rioters attacked the car, another pickup truck pursued the vehicle, and rioters attempted to rip the driver from his seat, the local outlet reported.

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