Via NY Post:

As fall officially began Tuesday, and with other major cities already unveiling cold-weather dining plans, Mayor Bill de Blasio promised a decision “very soon” on whether and how to let restaurants continue offering outdoor dining throughout the colder temps.

“In fact, it’s on the agenda — I think even later on today — to try and resolve that. We’re going to work with the city agencies, with the state,” de Blasio told reporters during a City Hall press briefing Tuesday.

De Blasio said he wants “to see what we can do to address” the possibility of extending outdoor dining throughout the fall and winter “fairly” because “I want to give every possible opportunity to our restaurants to succeed and survive.”

“It comes with real health and safety concerns that have to be addressed that are different than what we have during warmer weather, obviously, because in warmer weather you have much more possibility of open air,” de Blasio said, noting, “There’s still some real issues to be worked through, but we’ll have an announcement on it soon.”

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