They know they’re in trouble and are going to try anything to win.

Via ABC:

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign is expanding its legal operation in anticipation of a major fight over voting this fall, bringing on two former U.S. solicitors general and other top attorneys to oversee what could devolve into a fierce battle over the results of November’s vote.

The build-out comes as a slew of issues confront election officials nationwide as they prepare to conduct this year’s election amid a global pandemic and while President Donald Trump continues to spread misinformation about widespread fraud in mail-in voting.

“For months, the Biden for President campaign has been quietly building a massive election protection program–the largest in presidential campaign history,” a Biden campaign adviser said of the new legal expansion. He added that the program involves integrated legal, communications and political strategies to ensure that jurisdictions are properly prepared to handle the challenges that come with holding safe in-person voting and also to combat misinformation about voting via mail.

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