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Four years ago, the United States Government failed to respond forcefully to Russian attempts to sow discord in and influence our elections. The previous administration’s paralysis left Americans blindsided by Russia’s meddling.

Let’s be clear: Moscow’s overriding goal was and remains to undermine our democracy and cast doubt on the legitimacy of our elections and drive deep societal divisions in America. Unfortunately, they appear to have been successful, as far too many Americans still question the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.

As we look forward to November of this year, various adversaries are now seeking to sow discord, and we must be better prepared to defend ourselves.

We know with certainty that Russia, China, and other nations are actively exploiting our domestic political divisions and looking for opportunities to undermine confidence in our elections. Given our nation’s current challenges — a perfect storm of a global pandemic, public lockdowns, subsequent economic turmoil, and social unrest — these efforts could be like throwing a match on an oil slick.

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