Who do you think would vandalize a monument to freedom and against the Antifascist Protection Rampart?

Via Daily Wire:

A large chunk of the Berlin Wall placed at Chapman University in southern California to serve as a symbol of freedom has been defaced, university officials announced earlier this week.

According to The Orange County Register, Chapman University officials revealed this week that someone vandalized the memorial with brown paint, which covered the historical graffiti on the bottom portion of the wall.

“I am outraged by this senseless attempt to destroy a priceless piece of history and heartbroken that this can happen on our own campus,” Daniel Struppa, president of the university, said in a statement, reports the news agency.

Back in 1998, when the wall fragment was first put up, The Los Angeles Times reported that Chapman President Jim Doti got the idea for it after seeing another piece of the Berlin Wall standing at the Ronald Reagan Library.

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