Send them back.

Via Townhall:

Let the word go forth: kids don’t get it and they don’t spread it. Also, don’t watch MSNBC or CNN. Actually, you should watch MSNBC which compiled multiple pediatricians who said it was time to get kids back to school. Yes, it seems the experts are actually supporting President Trump’s position that schools should re-open in the fall. MSNBC host Craig Melvin’s face at the end of all of these doctors pretty much dispelling the COVID panic porn being peddled by the national media. You’d think sending your kids back to school would be a death sentence. Granted, the experts have been wrong before, and this group of people has peddled some absolute garbage advice regarding this virus. The best being that everyone else must stay inside now, unless you’re gathering to conduct a mass Black Lives Matter protest because, you see, issues of moral urgency makes the virus non-transmittable in these settings. So, what to make of this? The best part is that liberals who shovel down the propaganda by the liberal media probably either ignored this segment or refuse to believe it was real.

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