This is what they’re spending their attention on. How you know you’re in Chicago? Census Cowboy has to wear a bulletproof vest.

Via Daily Wire:

On Monday, Chicago’s mayor Lori Lightfoot held a press conference to introduce a measure aimed at promoting the United States census among Chicago residents: a “census cowboy.”

The “census cowboy” made his first appearance as Lightfoot explained that he was her “superhero” to call in when things got out of hand, the way the mayor of Gotham City frequently phoned Batman to assist in the classic television show.

“A fan of Batman, Lightfoot said she was sounding a ‘distress signal’ like the one used to summon the caped crusader by Gotham Police officials to call on the social media star, the Dreadhead Cowboy,” WTTW Chicago reported.

The scene was nothing short of bizarre, with Lightfoot donning a bright green cowboy hat to summon her mounted savior.

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