But if you just listened to media, you would think it was, when Bush, Obama and Clinton did actual connected pardons and commutations.

Via Fox News:

Washington Examiner contributor Byron York said on Monday that the commutation of Roger Stone’s sentence was not unprecedented, despite what many critics have claimed.

“In the past, presidents have commuted sentences or pardoned people in their administration they felt have been targeted by unfair investigations,” York told “America’s Newsroom.”

York said that former President George H.W. Bush pardoned five people who had been convicted or pleaded guilty in the Iran-Contra affair.

“With Bill Clinton, he pardoned people who were involved in Whitewater, especially Susan McDougal, his old business partner who had been convicted of corruption and after that conviction, the independent counsel Ken Starr suggested that she could get a lighter sentence if she testified against Bill Clinton,” York said.

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