Seriously? And this is a country that’s supposed to care about liberty?

Via Daily Wire:

Back in early June, reports swirled that New Zealand had beaten back the COVID-19 pandemic.

“New Zealand Hits Zero Active Coronavirus Cases,” U.S. News & World Report wrote June 8.

“Today, for the first time since February 28, New Zealand has no active cases of COVID-19. According to our modeling, it is now very likely (well above a 95% chance) New Zealand has completely eliminated the virus,” wrote Michael Baker and Nick Wilson, described as “two of the key epidemiologists who worked on New Zealand’s elimination strategy.”

On Sunday, the Johns Hopkins Center for Systems Science and Engineering said the island nation had had just 1,544 confirmed cases and 22 deaths.

But it turns out there’s something else going on in New Zealand.

“A leading epidemiologist says ‘thousands of people’ will be quarantined in isolation facilities for months — and possibly years — into the future,” reported NewsHub, a New Zealand news site.

“We’re going to have thousands of people sitting in these facilities, quarantined in isolation facilities for months, maybe years ahead. Sensible risk management says when a mistake happens you figure out what went wrong, and you improve the system,” he told the site.

Baker’s remarks come amid reports that New Zealanders are breaking out of their facilities.

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