So expect the fight to continue, but probably nothing out before November.

Via Daily Wire:

In two 7-2 opinions issued Thursday, the Supreme Court led again by Chief Justice John Roberts, determined that President Donald Trump is not immune from subpoenas requesting access to his tax returns from before he won the White House, but did not immediately hand over the financial documents to either New York City’s District Attorney or House Democrats, sending both requests back to lower courts for further litigation.

The Manhattan District Attorney had “subpoenaed Trump’s records as part of a criminal investigation into potential wrongdoing by the president and his organization. Multiple House committees had subpoenaed Trump’s records ostensibly as part of an effort at oversight and to inform potential legislation,” Fox News reported.

In both cases, though, the Supreme Court declined to simply force Trump to hand over the documents, instead remanding both cases to lower courts to review again in light of the Supreme Court’s ruling that Trump does not enjoy immunity from investigation for potential incidents that occurred before he was president.

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