Via Hot Air:

Maybe the third time really is the charm. Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) crews were set to remove barriers around the CHOP last Friday morning but protesters resisted. There were rumors they would return Sunday morning but they never did. Today King 5 reports that some of the barriers around CHOP are finally coming down.

City crews began removing barricades around Seattle’s CHOP Tuesday morning.

Seattle officials previously said barriers around CHOP would be dismantled Sunday, but the protest zone remain intact through Monday.

The barricades were removed at 10th and Pine.

So why didn’t this happen last week? From the outside the behavior of CHOP residents (and authorities) seems almost random. But according to Omari Salisbury who has been reporting from the CHOP every day, there are shifting factions within the area who want different things. He told KIRO radio in Seattle that many of the regular protesters agreed it was time to leave several days ago:

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