Via Hot Air:

Provo, Utah was the scene of dueling rallies last night. According to police, there was a planned police rally and a counter-protest. Things were peaceful until around 8:30 when the driver of a white SUV was swarmed by a large group of Black Lives Matter protesters in the street. The driver kept advancing, trying to escape the hostile crowd and that’s when one of the protesters pulled out a gun:

“Several protesters began crowding around the vehicle,” said John Geyerman, Provo Police deputy chief. “The male protester ran toward the SUV on the passenger side, pointed a handgun at the driver, and shot one round through the window. The driver who was struck by the bullet accelerated, trying to leave the situation. The same protester ran after the vehicle and fired a second shot that went through the rear passenger window.”…

The driver was taken to Utah Valley Hospital.

Here’s video of the incident shot from across the street. This picks up as the vehicle is already surrounded. The driver is honking and moving forward and then you hear the first gunshot:

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