Shot up the Louisville “Autonomous Zone.” Person killed was white, protester shooter was Hispanic man, Steven Lopez, who had previously been arrested with other protesters. Protesters fired back. It’s not clear who hit the second person that was wounded.

Via Fox News:

A shocking video has emerged showing gunfire ringing out at a Louisville, Ky., protest demanding justice for Breonna Taylor Saturday that left one dead and another injured, as police revealed the suspected gunman was a fellow protester.

Tyler Charles Gerth, 27, of Louisville, died of a gunshot wound Saturday night, the Jefferson County coroner’s office said. In a news conference Sunday, officials said they would not be identifying the shooting suspect at this time pending further investigation but did say he was wounded in the incident and remained in custody at the hospital.

“The man had been participating in the protest since they began and had been arrested a couple of times over the past several weeks. He had been repeatedly asked by other members in the park to leave due to his disruptive behavior,” Louisville Assistant Chief of Police Robert Schroeder said. “In addition to this man, multiple other people in the park were armed at the time of the incident, and our homicide investigators are still working to identify all of the parties who may have fired during the incident.”

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