They tried to burn dozens of people to death.

Via Daily Wire:

In response to the arrest of a man who walked into a cafe holding a baseball bat and screaming through a megaphone, a riot broke out in Madison, Wisconsin, Tuesday night. The result was violence, including the brutal assault of a “gay progressive” Democratic politician, as well as property damage, including toppled monuments, among them a statue dedicated to an abolitionist.

On Wednesday, Madison’s Democratic mayor — who champions the idea of “reimagining public safety” — issued an incensed rebuke of the “protesters” who wreaked havoc in her city the night before, and called for a clear distinction to be made between those exercising their constitutional right to protest and those seizing on the opportunity to engage in “criminal conduct.”

“[W]hat happened last night in Madison was far from peaceful and exceeding dangerous,” Madison Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway said in the statement posted Wednesday on her government website. “People attacked a State Senator who championed workers’ rights in 2011, tore down a statue of an abolitionist who died trying to end slavery during the Civil War, and attempted to set fire to a building with dozens of people inside.”

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