Hey, it’s not like the entire global economy was ground to a halt for months on end.

MITCHELL: “Let’s talk about the jobs report, better than expected, the president is touting it, and he seems to be trying to reboot his campaign as he was in the Rose Garden speaking for 40 minutes nonstop about this jobs report as the greatest ever. What is your approach to the jobs report today? Are we back on a better trajectory?”

PEREZ: “The greatest ever, talk about an inaccurate statement. You know, over the last three months, Andrea, we have seen 19.6 million jobs lost over the last three months. To give you a perspective, Andrea, in the worst three-month of the Obama administration, the worst three-month period, we had 3.2 million jobs loss. Every president since FDR has seen net job growth in their presidency until now with Donald Trump.”