Via Business Insider:

China has warned Britain to “step back from the brink” and “stop interfering” in China’s affairs after Prime Minister Boris Johnson threatened to offer 3 million Hong Kong citizens the right to come and live in the UK

Boris Johnson said on Wednesday that he will have “no choice” but to offer UK visas to millions of Hong Kong residents if China pushes ahead with its plans for new national security legislation which critics fear would remove existing freedoms in the semi-autonomous region.

Writing in the Times of London newspaper on Wednesday, the prime minister warned that the new legislation would “dramatically erode” the island’s autonomy, which currently enjoys judicial and political independence from mainland China.

The prime minister suggested that in response he would offer a 12-month extendable visa to all citizens on the island who are eligible to apply for a British National Overseas passport, some 3 million. It goes significantly further than the UK government’s suggestion last week that it would extend visa rights to 300,000 holders of BNO passports, rather than all those eligible.

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