Leftist celebrities have helped them raise $20 million dollars for the leftist bail fund in 4 days. Meanwhile leftist media spreads the fiction that it’s “White supremacist Trump supporters” behind the riots. Which explains why leftists are bailing people out, right?

Via Fox News:

At least 13 members of Joe Biden’s campaign staff have made donations to a group that helps Minneapolis protesters get out of jail on bail, according to a report.

The staffers posted on Twitter that they contributed money to a group called the Minnesota Freedom Fund, which opposes the practice of making people who are arrested pay money to avoid pre-trial imprisonment, Reuters reported.

Biden himself opposes cash bail, comparing it to a “modern day debtors prison,” campaign spokesman Andrew Bates told Reuters.

But the campaign would not comment on whether the staffers’ donations were made in coordination with the former vice president’s campaign, the report said.

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