There are black people looting and damaging things. But there’s also Antifa jacking it up like this.

Via Townhall:

Black Lives Matter protestors took to the street earlier this week to protest the death of George Floyd, an unarmed African American man that died when a white police officer held Floyd down with a knee to the neck. As time goes on, one thing is becoming more clear: the violence and riots that are taking place are being carried out by white members of Antifa. Attorney General William Barr on Saturday confirmed that when he said it was Antifa that hijacked these peaceful protests and started the riots.

There have been quite a few instances where black protestors have attempted to stop white Antifa members from looting and vandalizing buildings.

Two black women confronted two white women who were spraypainting “Black Lives Matter” on the front of a Starbucks building.

“Hey! Hey! Don’t do that! Please don’t do that!” the off-camera woman can be heard saying.

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