He was also a virus patient. What was he even doing there?

Via Fox

The father of a man captured on video beating up a Detroit nursing home resident has claimed that his son has a history of mental illness, and that he shouldn’t have been in the facility following a coronavirus diagnosis.

The shocking video surfaced on Thursday, showing the unnamed 20-year-old resident beating up another patient at the Westwood Nursing Center. The video went viral, even attracting the attention of President Trump, who reacted on Twitter with disbelief.

Now, the younger man’s father has said that his son was never meant to be in the facility in the first place. Neither the son nor the father have been identified in any reporting, partially because no charges have yet been filed.

He claimed that his son was put in the facility after a 911 call, but he was meant to be moved after a COVID-19 diagnosis.

“It should’ve never happened because he should’ve never been put in that environment,” the father told FOX 2 Detroit. “I just don’t want people to think that he’s this vicious individual. He’s got mental issues.”

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