Kick her while she’s down.

House Democrats are closely watching who votes against Rep. Nancy Pelosi during the floor session that officially taps the next speaker of the House — a roll call that may show some lingering anti-Pelosi sentiment among a handful of Democrats.

Pelosi aides and allies insist that she is not whipping the symbolic vote or taking any action to tamp down opposition, and they privately claim that they have “no idea” how many of her colleagues will vote against the outgoing speaker. Rep. John Boehner (R-Ohio), the GOP leader, will be chosen as speaker this afternoon, but the floor vote is typically a partisan affair when the minority party votes for their chosen leader as well.

Democratic insiders predict roughly a dozen Democratic votes against Pelosi — but that number could grow. Another question is whether any — and if so, how many – Democrats cross over to vote for the Republican rules package that will be also be debated in the opening session of the 112th Congress.

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