Thank God.

Via The Sun:

BEACHES will reopen in time for Memorial Day weekend in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Delaware.

New York Governor Cuomo announced the news during his daily press briefing on Friday — but he said local officials had the option to keep beaches closed amid COVID-19 fears.

“We are one, multi-state region,” he told reporters of the May 22 opening. “What one state does will affect other states.”

Cuomo highlighted that 50 percent capacity was allowed and would be enforced by controlling exits, entrances, and limited parking, while playgrounds, pools, and concessions would remain shut.

He said no group-based activities like volleyball were permitted on the sand, saying state officials had their “eyes wide about” about the risks of easing the restrictions on state beaches.

“The calculation is I’m trying to work in conformity [with], or in accommodation with, our surrounding states,” Cuomo said.

But as New Yorkers prepared for a heatwave, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio said reopening beaches and pools in his jurisdiction are “not in the cards right now.”

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