It all goes back to Obama.

Via Townhall:

reck·on·ing (noun) – the avenging or punishing of past mistakes or misdeeds.

When one writes a regular opinion column, one is often faced with multiple major stories in the news that deserve further analysis and context that inspire thought and even passion from one’s readers. Today, those of us in this noble trade are faced with a serious quandary: Where to begin?

– Do we celebrate the partial justice delivered to American patriot Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn as the Justice Department properly withdrew criminal charges against him?

– Do we focus on the nefarious actions of the Comey FBI and Lynch Justice Department under Barack Obama that led to the vengeful vendetta against the general?

– Do we discuss the duplicity and corruption of the Mueller investigators in using the FBI’s dirty work to threaten Flynn’s family and basically coerce a false guilty plea from him?

– Do we pivot to the other major news item of the day and delve into the voluminous House Intel testimony that was finally released thanks to the herculean efforts of Acting ODNI Richard Grenell?

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