Nothing like a little red-on-red action to brighten up your day.

Former DNC chairman and former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean said Wednesday that William Daley would be a “huge plus” for the Obama administration if he is tapped to be the president’s new chief of staff.

Dean praised Daley as someone “who knows Washington, but he also is not of Washington.” At the same time, the former presidential candidate excoriated Obama’s senior staff.

At a breakfast sponsored by The Christian Science Monitor, Dean refused to single out any administration officials for criticism, but said Obama would be better served by staff that has not spent so much time in Washington.

Noting that many officials are “either out of the White House or going,” Dean blasted Obama’s current officials who he says have treated the left wing of the Democratic Party with “contempt.”

“As they say, don’t let the door hit you in the you-know-what on the way out,” Dean said.

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