Cuomo and Newsom have become Trump’s new buddies because he’s getting things done for them.

Via Daily Wire:

New York Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo said during a coronavirus press conference on Friday that he believes that President Donald Trump has used the Defense Production Act “effectively,” and that the president is right to question the World Health Organization about its response to the coronavirus pandemic that originated in China.

“Federal government has something called the Defense Production Act, DPA they call it, which I’ve been saying from day one is a very powerful tool for the federal government to use when they need to secure a product in the defense of this nation,” Cuomo said. “This is in the defense of this nation. The federal government has used it effectively. They’ve used it in this situation more as a point of leverage than anything else. Basically saying to a company, ‘We need you to do this. We do have the Defense Production Act that we could use.’”

A few minutes later, Cuomo brought up Trump’s decision to question the WHO over its response to the outbreak in China.

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