Via Fox4KC:

KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Police intervened and broke up a driving parade of elementary school teachers and administrators on April 4. A police spokesperson said the celebration was nonessential and against state orders.

John Fiske Elementary School workers gathered at 11 a.m. for what they called the “Lion Pride Parade 2020,” according to the school’s Facebook page. A parade route showed showed the neighborhoods they were going to drive through.

However, another post said the parade was “abruptly ended by local authorities.”

The goal of the parade, according to Sharita Hutton with Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools, was to get students excited for distance learning, which she said begins for their students on Monday, April 6. In an email, she said the idea has been spreading across the metro as a way to show the students their teachers care about them and also demonstrate social distancing.

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