She’s one sick human being. Even Americans getting sick are all twisted in her mind to her obsession with Trump. She’s also not looking at the deaths/death rate/per capita.

Via Townhall:

As Americans weather an economic fallout and stay isolated in their homes, away from family and friends, with growing uncertainty about their future, one former presidential candidate turned their misery into ammunition against the president.

Hillary Clinton, who lost to President Trump in 2016 after calling half of the country a “basket of deplorables,” received news that the United States now had the most confirmed cases of the Wuhan Coronavirus. Instead of offering support or comfort in a time of fear and tragedy, however, the former Secretary of State chose to weaponize the news of nearly 90,000 sick Americans against the president.

‘He did promise ‘America First,'” Clinton shared on Twitter, along with a news article confirming that her own country led the world in confirmed cases of COVID-19. That tweet was preceded by another jab at Trump, chastising his optimistic hope of re-opening the countries frozen economy as soon as possible.

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