Via The Guardian:

Is it acceptable to shout at people – not just friends and family, but also strangers – for not practising social distancing?
Martin, London

Status update on me: I am spending every day, all day, inside my home with three children under five and a deranged, underwalked terrier who barks incessantly at his own reflection in the window. Am I lucky? You bet: I have a home and, so far, everyone has their health. But does my life also resemble a Channel 5 reality TV show? Maybe just a touch.

It is perhaps because of this that I spent most of the weekend wanting to shout at people. Not at the children or the dog because that would only add to the noise, and if we go up by just one decibel I honestly think we would break international law. No, I wanted to shout at the people I could see casually strolling outside as if it were just another Sunday, la la la, is that cafe open for lunch? Oh no, it isn’t, how strange, la la la, we’ll just wander around until we find some coffee, we’re too busy taking a selfie of our lovely weekend to move off the pavement and give two metres of space to that elderly woman walking past us, la la la. The ones I saw playing football in the local park when I took the poor dog for his now very hurried daily 10-minute walk. The ones shaking germ-ridden hands with careless abandon while I mentally nosedived between them in slow-motion while screaming: “Noooooooo!”

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