Throw these people out.

Via Townhall:

I’d call this unbelievable, but is it? On Sunday evening, Senate Democrats filibustered a bill designed to provide immediate relief to American workers and businesses, in the midst of a global pandemic and its resulting economic stoppage. The upper chamber worked through the weekend to hammer out a legislative outline, on a bipartisan basis. Ideas from both parties were put into the plan, leading to an agreement in principle on a broad framework. Then House Speaker Nancy Pelosi arrived back in town and announced that she would torpedo the bill, then her Senate counterparts abandoned it.

They blamed a “slush fund” for corporations. Republicans dispute this claim — but even setting it aside, the bulk of the bill was bipartisan (Schumer himself hailed the bipartisanship over the weekend) and contained: (1) Direct checks to American workers, (2) hundreds of billions in loans to small businesses, and (3) aid to hospitals. Yet the hastily-cobbled-together Democratic talking points pretended as if these consensus provisions had been gutted in favor of a secret corporate giveaway, with no safeguards or strings. This was a fabrication and a wild mischaracterization of reality:

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