The far leftists apparently had a campaign of harassment going on against her. They’re lucky he didn’t shoot them.

Via Daily Wire:

Los Angeles District Attorney Jackie Lacey held a press conference on Monday to address an incident from that morning, during which her husband confronted a group of Black Lives Matter protesters gathered on the couple’s front porch.

During the press conference, Lacey revealed that her husband was “profoundly sorry” for the way the situation unfolded, and that he “meant no one any harm.” Although no physical injuries have been reported, Lacey herself has apologized in case anyone was harmed by the incident.

Lacey also revealed that protesters have been intimidating her in public and in private, including sending death threats, and have shown up at her home before.

“Up until now, I have not really wanted to share with you what it’s been like,” said Lacey. “As District Attorney of LA County, I’ve received threats, some of them death threats. I have been followed, photographed while with my family, confronted at an art museum, confronted at fundraisers.”

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