This is of course nuts and more evidence of the judge’s bias since the juror, Tomeka Hart, outed herself on CNN.

Via Mediaite:

During a closed Tuesday hearing on Roger Stone’s request for a new trial, U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson called out Fox News’s Tucker Carlson, stating, “Any attempts to invade the privacy of the jurors or to harass or intimidate them is completely antithetical to our system of justice.”

Jackson is referring to Carlson’s attacks of Tomeka Hart, who served as the foreperson on the jury that convicted Stone. Carlson broadcasted her Twitter account details, which included her home city, in an effort to label her as an “anti-Trump zealot” who “lied about who she was.”

Carlson specifically referenced a tweet Hart posted in 2017, in which she called Donald Trump the ‘#KlanPresident,” later arguing, “This is not a neutral person. This is not someone capable of judging this trial fairly.”

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