They should have moved to recuse her for the comment that he was “covering up for the President” which he was not charged with and for which there was no evidence.

Via Washington Examiner:

The federal judge presiding over Roger Stone’s case turned down the Trump associate’s attempt to disqualify her.

U.S. Judge Amy Berman Jackson argued Sunday evening that there is no legal basis as to why she should recuse herself from the case after Stone filed a motion on Friday requesting that she be removed from the case for alleged bias.

Stone, who also asked for a retrial, raised concerns about the judge’s partiality, pointing out that Jackson praised the jurors in his trial for their “integrity.” The judge, however, shredded Stone’s argument in her six-page filing, saying that her “general comment that ‘jurors’ served with integrity” did not “purport to, and did not address” Stone’s new trial request.

“There is no rule and no case law that would justify the recusal of a judge for bias simply because he or she says something about an issue on the docket, on the record, at some point before a reply has been filed, or before a hearing — which may or may not be required in the Court’s discretion — has concluded,” she wrote.

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