She’s a real prize.

Via Free Beacon:

The FBI on Friday arrested a man married to a staffer for former Democratic representative Katie Hill for a hacking spree against one of Hill’s political opponents.

Arthur Dam, the husband of Hill’s campaign fundraiser and eventual district director Kelsey O’Hara, is charged with intentionally damaging and attempting to damage a protected computer for committing cyber attacks against Hill’s Democratic rival Bryan Caforio. Two of the attacks came at crucial points during their 25th Congressional District primary fight, the Intercept reported.

According to the complaint, Caforio’s website went down for a combined 21 hours during the 2018 campaign due to distributed denial of service attacks, a cyber attack that effectively shuts down a website from being used by interfering with its host or provider. Two of the hacks happened directly before a primary debate and a week before the primary election. The FBI connected Dam to the attack through “subscriber information, IP addresses, geolocation history, and open sources,” as well as through his wife.

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