Complete fail by Todd not to call this out.

Via Fox News:

MSNBC host Chuck Todd is under fire for “shoddy journalism” ahead of Wednesday night’s Democratic debate, which he will help moderate.

Todd is being criticized for failing to ask the president of liberal advocacy group Center for American Progress about a New York Times bombshell report that 2020 Democratic hopeful Mike Bloomberg avoided critical coverage from the group after giving them money.

“It appears the left is following the Golden Rule — the one with the gold makes all the rules,” Media Research Center vice president Dan Gainor told Fox News. “It’s shoddy journalism to let them get away with this.”

The New York Times published a feature on Saturday detailing how Bloomberg has built a powerful army of allies through philanthropic spending. According to the report, Bloomberg’s donations put institutions in a position where they are afraid to criticize the former New York City mayor over fears of jeopardizing future financial support.

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