Let me share some information with you very quickly, from the Center for the Study of Social Policy, the racist roots of work. Work requirements do no support work, they harm families. The most basic part of it in the years since temporary assistance for needy families, welfare, mandated work for families receiving cash assistance, hundreds of thousands of families have been left with less than $2 a day of cash in America. When Arkansas and other states have begun to implement work requirements in Medicaid, thousands of people have lost their health insurance. This spring, over 700,000 people will likely lose food assistance as states begin to implement the Trump Administration expanding SNAP time limit. What they are gearing it towards is that enslavery, they begin to characterize the descendants of enslaved Africans as lazy. That’s all the stereotypes. There were laws put in place that if you were picking cotton, you could not get assistance. So this document is trying to uproot the long belief that poor people, particularly African-Americans, and now immigrants and others, are lazy. This budget clearly emphasized that unfortunately racially charged direction in cutting Medicaid, in cutting nutrition programs, in cutting housing. So my question is this —”