So while Trump’s numbers were stunning, still can’t take anything for granted. This followed their Iowa turnout being disappointing and low.

Via NPR:

The results are still filtering in — 93% of precincts have now reported — but turnout has now surpassed the 2008 record. That’s a relief for many Democrats.

More than 288,000 voters cast ballots in this Democratic primary, with 7% of precincts still to come in. The record in 2008 — when Hillary Clinton bested Barack Obama and others — was 287,556. In 2016 — when Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders beat Clinton easily in New Hampshire — turnout was 249,587. [….]

The New Hampshire turnout should assuage some Democratic concerns. But remember that the primaries there are semi-open, meaning independent voters can participate in either the Republican or Democratic primary. As NPR’s Domenico Montanaro has reported, “In a year when only one party is holding a competitive primary, more independents might be expected to vote in the competitive one.”

So, Democrats might not be able to count on all those voters to be on their side come November.

While the raw numbers were on par with 2008, the percentage may end up lower.