Sharia in action alert.

BaidoaThe Islamic administration of Al-shabab in Baidoa town of Bay region has cut off the hand and leg of young boy after accusing him of committing banditry action in the town, witnesses said on Tuesday.

Locals said that Al-shabab fighters had gathered more people to a square in Baidoa town and said they had sentenced 19 years old boy to cut his leg and arm condemning him he involved stealing activities in the town for past recent months.

Sheik Abu Feysal, the judge of the court of Al-shabab fighters said before more people they had forces to watch the sentence that the man admitted of doing the crime adding that they carried out the right step of the Sharia law.

He said they did more search to the boy before sentencing the court pointing out that the man continued activities against the people of the town.

The boy whose limbs lost in the hands of Al-shabab fighters in Baidoa town was called Nor Mohamed Nor and was one of the young teenagers of the town.

Al-shabab fighters had continued cutting hands, legs of the young teenagers in south and central Somalia while they often kill; torture the civilians in the areas under their control as they miss their goals from the people.