Sorry, your Jedi mind-trick won’t work here.

WARREN: “It’s funny you would say that, I really don’t focus on polls and haven’t from the beginning. I thought we were going to start with is I just got endorsed by the Des Moines Register, and I’ve been endorsed by The Storm Lake Times. What I feel — and that’s all I can tell you you — when I’m out in Iowa is I feel how many people truly are off the sidelines and in this fight. People all across Iowa — and that’s true whether we’re in cities or rural Iowa — understand that for decades now we have had a government that works just great for giant corporations, works just great for billionaires, works just great for the whole lobbying class. It’s just not working for them. And when you’ve got a government that works great for those at the top and not for everyone else, it’s corruption. And we have a chance in 2020 to turn that around. And that’s why I think so many people are in this fight. People want to make this happen. That’s how we’re going to beat Donald Trump.”