Imagine, another last minute hit job just as Republicans are about to win at the same time as Bolton’s book link goes live. Shades of Kavanaugh again.

Via Fox News:

White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham questioned Monday the “suspect” timing of the reported new allegations from former National Security Adviser John Bolton about President Trump’s decision to withhold military aid from Ukraine last summer.

“I think the timing of all of this is very, very suspect,” she said, noting that it came right after the Trump defense team began its rebuttal Saturday at the Senate impeachment trial.

“It’s very clear the president did nothing wrong. Then suddenly, this manuscript has magically appeared in the hands of The New York Times, making very, very big claims. This is … the same publisher that [James] Comey used, also. The fact that magically, again, the book ordering preorder link popped up a couple hours after all of this hit,” she added.

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