Poor man’s Assange might be too generous. More like alleged “deadbeat tenant who lets his dog crap on the floor”.

Via The New Yorker:

On Tuesday, Brazilian prosecutors charged the journalist Glenn Greenwald with “cybercrimes” as part of what the government claims was his role in a “criminal organization.” They allege that Greenwald—who reported on wrongdoing in Brazil’s judicial establishment last year for the Intercept, the Web site he co-founded—participated in the hacking of cell phones, the content of which was later used in his stories. But the reporting itself is the reason much of the Brazilian government is furious with Greenwald.

He has repeatedly antagonized the country’s new far-right President, Jair Bolsonaro, who rode into office amid a sprawling corruption investigation known as Operation Car Wash, which brought down two former Presidents. Sérgio Moro, who led the operation, was later made Bolsonaro’s Minister of Justice and became the subject of much of the Intercept’s reporting.

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