Via Washington Examiner:

Sen. Bernie Sanders riled up tensions between him and fellow left-wing Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren by saying that being a woman, like other characteristics, poses a problem for presidential hopefuls.

“I think everybody has their own sets of problems. I’m 78 years of age, that’s a problem,” Sanders said in an interview Sunday when asked if gender is still an obstacle for female politicians. “If you’re looking at [former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete] Buttigieg, he’s a young guy. People will say, well, he’s too young to be president. You look at Elizabeth, she is a woman. Everybody brings some negatives, if you’d like.”

“I would just hope very much that the American people look at the totality of a candidate, not at their gender, not at their sexuality, not at their age, but at everything. You know, nobody is perfect,” he added.

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