BIDEN: “Thus far, I’m willing to listen to the procedure, the three hours debate and why they need that, but I don’t see how that would materially change, the witnesses they’ve suggested would materially change, no matter what they said materially change the outcome. And so we have 6,000 pages — let me give you an example. Monica Lewinsky, she’s testified under oath over 20 times. She’s in a position where if she — she was granted immunity, if she changes her position on the Senate floor, she loses her immunity. What makes anybody possibly think anything Monica Lewinsky could possibly say on the floor would be different from the 20 times she’s testified under oath already, all of which we have? Now, if my colleagues want Monica Lewinsky and there’s 51 votes, that’s their call, but I think the case has been made in a very articulate way by the House.”