Via Journal Sentinel:

Before Robyn Polak attended President Donald Trump’s Jan. 14 rally in Milwaukee, she expressed her support for him on Facebook by posting a “MAGA 2020” comment on a news story about the visit.

She said that comment, and possibly a few others like it, got her fired from her job.

Polak, a South Milwaukee resident who was the only dental assistant at Precision Dental Milwaukee, 6203 S. Howell Ave., said someone found out where she worked, went on her employer’s Facebook page and posted a negative review. The person did not recommend the dental office saying “employees spouting [sic] racist comments on Facebook.”

Polak said she didn’t have any interactions with the person who posted the review but was told they had “trolled others before.”

Polak denied she was a racist, saying she has African American siblings and is partially Native American.

“I’m not racist,” she said. “But I am just kind of speechless about all this.”

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