Translation: crazy leftist kills wife and pets, planning to kill self too, and decides to blame folks on the right to hurt them on the way out.

Via Daily Mail:

A Washington state man suspected of fatally shooting his wife and their two pets may have admitted to the murders in a series of chilling Twitter posts.

Kevin Heimsoth, 56, is believed to have killed his elementary school principal wife, Lynn, her beloved Golden Retriever, Sukha, and a pet cat at their of Bellingham condominium on Thursday morning.

In a shock twist, The Bellingham Herald reports that Heimsoth may have tweeted the National Rifle Association, President Donald Trump and Senate Majority Mitch McConnell in the aftermath of the alleged rampage.

An account that purportedly belongs to Heimsoth sent out four reply tweets shortly after 3am on Thursday morning, with the user stating that he had just killed his wife and pet dog.

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