So the guys who he was watching the mass shooting videos with and who watched/videoed the attack were just a coincidence?

Via Fox News:

Authorities investigating a deadly attack at a U.S. naval base in Florida said Sunday they are working under the presumption it was an act of terrorism involving a lone gunman, and that no arrests have been made in connection to the fatal incident.

In remarks delivered at a news conference, FBI Special Agent-In-Charge Rachel Rojas said that all international students at that base have been accounted for and that all the Saudi students close to the shooter continue to cooperate in the investigation.

“We work with the presumption that this is an act of terrorism,” Rojas told reporters.

The information came three days after 21-year-old Mohammed Alshamrani, 21, a 2nd Lt. in the Royal Saudi Air Force and student naval flight officer of Naval Aviation Schools Command, opened fire at Naval Air Station Pensacola in Florida before being shot dead. Alshamrani killed three people Friday and wounded eight others, who are all expected to recover.

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