Liberalism works.

Via MSN:

In rural Josephine County, Ore., basic government services can be hard to come by. Budget shortfalls are a constant in what was once a rich timber- and gold-mining region, and residents have repeatedly voted against increasing taxes to fill the ever-widening gap.

For people in Cave Junction, a community of nearly 2,000 people near the rainy, forested California border, that means no law enforcement officers patrol the streets at night.

The city doesn’t have its own police force, and deputies from the understaffed Josephine County Sheriff’s Office only patrol the area during daytime hours on weekdays, according to the Oregonian. Placing a call to 911 at night can mean waiting 45 minutes or more for someone to show up, and the area has experienced robberies and thefts tied to the local legal marijuana-growing industry.

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